Originating in India, the practice of hookah smoking has spread to the Middle Eastern countries and is currently growing in the United States as teenagers try to find an option to smoking cigarettes. Most individuals who smoke via a hookah pipe use flavored tobaccos referred to as shisha. These tobaccos are enhanced with molasses and fruit flavorings before being added to the pipe. Hookah smoking is often portrayed as being healthier than smoking traditional cigarettes. Is this true? What’re the potential risks and side effects of hookah smoking?

The Aftereffects of Hookah Smoking: How Is It Done?
Hookah smoking is carried out via a special water pipe that contains a dish for holding the shisha or flavored tobacco Oxford. The root of the pipe contains water and the smoke is sucked via a long, thin pipe. Once the hookah smoker inhales through the pipe, the smoke passes through the water before it enters the pipe to be inhaled into the lungs. Many think that the water filters out many of the toxins contained within the tobacco, making the effects of hookah smoking less damaging than traditional cigarettes. Another argument for the safety of hookah smoking is that some users use shisha tobaccos that are lower in nicotine than traditional cigarette tobacco. Not surprisingly, it appears that more smoke is inhaled in one single hookah session than by those who smoke traditional cigarettes. This is because the smoke is cooled before being inhaled, allowing larger quantities to be inhaled and held in the lungs for longer periods of time.

Side Aftereffects of Hookah Smoking: How Does It Compare to Cigarette Smoking?Are the effects of hookah less damaging than cigarette smoking? One study that looked at nicotine and degrees of a breakdown product of nicotine in the urine unearthed that both were elevated in hookah smokers, although levels were slightly below those noticed in Called Fat’s to the regulars is just a dive bar positioned in the bottom 50% of the University Mall across from George Mason University. The peanuts are free and you are able to toss them on the floor. The drinks are cheap and usually served in a plastic cup. There are specials each night the most crucial of that is half price Wednesday wing night. The wings are amazing and the best in Fairfax, they come by the pound so be ready.

cigarette smokers. Not just that, but hookah smokers are confronted with other toxins such as for example carbon monoxide, heavy metals, and a number of cancer causing chemicals which are no less dangerous than those present in cigarette smoke. It seems that hookah smokers have exactly the same increased threat of developing lung disease and lung cancers as cigarette smokers. There’s also the prospect of nicotine addiction, just just like conventional cigarettes.

Aftereffects of Hookah Smoking: The Bottom Line.The risks and side effects of hookah smoking appear no less dangerous than that of traditional cigarettes. The only advantage might be that hookah smoking is generally done strictly on a social basis which can decrease the experience of toxins. In general, it’s not a healthy option to cigarette smoking.

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