You know, product creation isn’t always focused on the product itself. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, how can you create a product that’s not about the product? (I guess that is a strange way of saying it, right? )

One of the important things about creating a product, any product, is it ought to be unique to you. One of the best ways for it to be unique to you is to put your own spin on the product.

Let me explain. By now, most everyone has read, listened to or viewed some sort of self-help thingy. It may have been reading a self-help book, watching a self-help video or listening to hours of audio on the subject. Whatever it was, you have probably done it. Even with doing all this, some folks have a difficult time creating a product for their particular niche. ekino tv

The thing to realize is all the tools they need to create a product is within them. (by tools I’m talking about the creative stuff, not the technological stuff). If those folks could take even one percent of what they’ve read, heard or viewed from the self help world, they would never come to a conclusion of guidelines to trigger a product to create. Don’t allow the whole product creation phrase throw you for a hook. The key word is PRODUCT, which is single. You cannot create multiple products if you do not create your first one.

The way to create your first on is to have an idea. The way to get an idea is constantly look and listen to what are you doing around you. Yes, listening to radio stations, watching television and going to a movie can actually Help you with your online business. You don’t have to master it, you will just understand it. Once you do this, the sky is the limit to creating products.

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