Interesting facts about Marcasite Jewellery


Marcasite Jewellery dates back to the ancient Greeks, though it was the Victorians who really popularised it. Especially beloved by Queen Victoria herself, it has recently been cut back into fashion by lovers of vintage style jewellery. Using its antique look and soft, gentle gleam, marcasite jewellery has a lovely dull, faded charm, reminiscent of bygone days and faded glamour. Marcasite jewellery isn’t actually produced from the mineral marcasite itself, as that is too fragile and will crumble when worked. Instead, it is made from small bits of pyrite (fool’s gold) gemstones set into sterling silver.

Cheaper marcasite jewellery can have inferior pyrite shards just glued onto the silver (some jewellers may even use stainless as opposed to silver), but this means that the pyrite stones may be easily dislodged. Higher quality items can have cut stones expertly set in to the metal with tiny pins marcasite brooches for sale Depending on what it’s cut and the caliber of the stone, pyrite includes a colour somewhere within bronze and gunmetal, having an iridescent shine. This kind of jewellery is commonly made into Art Deco style designs or to produce jewellery that mimicks natural forms (dragonflies and flowers were particular favourites with the Victorians). Brooches, earrings and pendants made in this style can often be available at antique markets round the UK. Pyrite is fairly a good material, so bits of jewellery produced from marcasite have a wonderfully solid and expensive feel. It looks great included in a general vintage look, or as a striking contrast to newer types of dress.

Marcasite jewellery can be quite fragile and you’re recommended not to utilize ultrasonic cleaners or chemical dips to completely clean it. Most of the time it could you should be cleaned with a damp cloth – since it’s not meant to become a highly reflective, shiny piece of jewellery it generally does not matter too much if the sterling silver tarnishes a little bit. Once the tarnish gets too much, you can just gently polish it with a silver polishing cloth to revive its look.

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